When you walk into a room

it has the same effect

as when someone has opened a clementine,

and the aroma kisses everyone

right on the nose.

It is as hard for me

not to love you,

as easy as it is

to hear you from a mile away.

I am constantly waiting to have

A moment of your precious time.

I wonder what it is like to be you.

For so many people to pay attention to you.

For so many people to want you.

And I fall right in line.

There will not come a day

When you say you love my cow eyes

or when you tuck tulips behind my ear.

But I will always dare to want a slice,

I will always dare for you to disturb my universe.

Haley Deane is a senior at Worcester State University studying English. She is the first prize winner of the 2020 Barbara Pilon Poetry Contest hosted at the University. She started writing poetry in high school when she took a creative writing course and fell in love with the process of creating such a beautiful art form, and being able to turn intangible emotions into words.  She is graduating in May and hopes to pursue poetry more in the future, and hopefully one day publish her own collection. 

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